25+ email sign-off ideas for more replies

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The best email sign-off examples for more replies

If your emails end with "Yours faithfully and truly”, don't be surprised if your prospects think "another generic sales pitch" and don't respond.

You may have spent hours thinking of the perfect cold email structure, but if the sign-off isn't aligned with your message or your prospects' tone, you won't book any meetings.

A sign-off is the closing line of your email in the form of a word, phrase, or question. You can use it to leave a memorable final impression and push your prospects to take action.

But, salespeople sometimes use fluffy words and phrases that don't catch prospects' attention or appear inappropriate.

So, how to sign off an email and make your prospects hit reply?

Let's look at 5 examples that will boost your reply rates:

#1 Use “Good luck with the [event, conference, webinar, etc.]” to show you researched prospects properly and followed their work.

#2 Use "Hope it brings tons of value to you" when sharing valuable resources to show you want to help rather than sell.

#3 Use “Drop me a line if you've got any questions” to ensure there aren't any doubts or concerns that might lower your reply rate.

#4 Use “I'd love to hear your feedback” to start a conversation and to show that prospects' opinions matter to you.

#5 Use "Cheers" to set a friendly atmosphere, especially when you already know the prospect and their relaxed tone.

P.S. The British and Australians often use it, but some other cultures might find it unprofessional.

If you want to end your cold email positively, build rapport with your prospects, and boost replies, discover 20+ more sign-off examples 👇


Boost your personal brand with LinkedIn carousel templates

If you’re still not working on your personal brand on LinkedIn, you’re missing a chance to

→ network with industry leaders

→ attract clients

→ earn more money

But, to make prospects come to you instead of pinging them, you should ensure your LinkedIn content stands out and provides value.

Using a carousel post format, you can quickly grab your prospects’ attention and give lots of value in a limited space!

Here’s an example of how Kévin used a carousel LinkedIn post to attract 1000+ reactions and many messages from his prospects 👇

To help you make your LinkedIn profile stand out and transform views in $$$$, we’re giving you free access to 70+ LinkedIn carousel templates!

Just steal one of the designs to save hours of manual work, and start getting messages from your prospects 🎁

P.S. If you don’t know how to get started on LinkedIn, check out the Personal Branding School and get:

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