How to book 30+ meetings in 30 days on LinkedIn

Heeeey lemlisters,
This is your weekly dose of the most actionnable tips on how to get more replies, book more meetings, and make more sales!
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Nov 14
7 min.

Heeeey lemlisters,

here's G, and this is your weekly email with actionable tips on how to get replies, book meetings, and grow your business! 🙌

📍 What you’ll find in today’s email:

  • 220+ spam words to avoid in your cold emails
  • How to book 30+ meetings in 30 days on LinkedIn


220+ spam words to avoid if you want your emails delivered

 Cold emails help you connect with your target audience, create business opportunities, and grow your revenue.

But if you want to get replies and book meetings with your prospects, you need to ensure your emails are delivered to prospects' inboxes.

Spam words in cold emails are words or phrases associated with unwanted emails often sent in bulk. They don't pass the spam filter, so your emails go straight to the spam folder instead of your prospects' inboxes, where your target can't read them and reply.

Here are some of the most common spam words you should avoid to reach your prospects' inboxes and open new business opportunities 💪

[ ] phrases involving money benefits or offers


❌ Pure profit

❌ Biggest deal

❌ Guaranteed

[ ] phrases with the word "free"


❌ Free items

❌ Free leads

❌ Free membership

[ ] phrases involving fast earning


❌ Double

❌ Risk-free

❌ Unlimited

[ ] phrases creating a false sense of urgency


❌ For you only

❌ Once in lifetime

❌ Urgent

[ ] phrases with the word "no"


❌ No strings attached

❌ No disappointment

❌ No catch

[ ] marketing & sales jargon


❌ Auto email removal

❌ Mass email

❌ Search engine listings

[ ] phrases with too many numbers


❌ 100% free

❌ Join millions

❌ Thousands

[ ] phrases in all-caps, extreme punctuation, or generic email greetings


❌ $$$


❌ Dear [name]

P.S. To get the complete list of 222 spam words to avoid, check out this article and write emails that open new business opportunities 👇


6 steps to book 35 meetings in 30 days through LinkedIn engagement

As a salesperson, you want to convince your prospects that your service/product can solve their struggles. But to accept your help, your prospects need to know and trust you...

So, how can you easily position yourself as a credible source of value and stay on the top of your prospects’ minds?

By constantly engaging with them on LinkedIn 🔥

Here’s the 6-step process we followed to book 35 meetings in 30 days:

[ ] Define your post topics, niche, and goals

[ ] Write & schedule your daily LinkedIn posts

[ ] Schedule time slots to engage on LinkedIn

[ ] Engage with your LinkedIn posts

[ ] Engage with others’ LinkedIn posts

[ ] Engage through LinkedIn messages

To help you get started and double down on our success, we’re sharing all of our tips in the free playbook 👇

You’ll get:

✅ tool recommendations

✅ LinkedIn message templates

✅ weekly plan of your posts with examples

✅ notion template for defining your niche & topics

✅ an SDR’s example of booking a meeting with LinkedIn


Take care,

G and the team

Guillaume Moubeche
$0 to $20M ARR in 5 years bootstrapped | I share tips on how to grow a profitable SaaS business | Founder & CEO @lempire (lemlist, lemwarm, lemcal, taplio, tweethunter)
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