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Top sales advice for getting more replies

How to structure your cold email for the best results

Lots of people want their cold emails to look nice and appealing, almost like newsletters. But, cold email and inbound marketing email and two different things.

While marketing newsletters are more creative and eye-catching, a cold email structure should remain simple, just like a message you receive from your friend.

Here’s an example of how your cold email shouldn't look like:

What’s wrong with this cold email structure?

✘ the copy is hard to read because of the central alignment and unusual font

✘ the sales-y image catches the attention much more than the text itself

✘ it doesn’t look and feel personal, which makes prospects think it’s an automated email sent in a bulk

So, if you wanna get more replies, use this structure instead:

What makes this cold email structure successful?

✓ includes simple font with easy-to-read left text alignment

✓ the email is easily scannable because of the short paragraphs

✓ looks like an email that you’d send to a colleague, which increases the reply chances

To sum up, the main purpose of your cold email isn’t solely to grab attention. It’s also to provide value.

Focusing on the message rather than design gives your prospects the feeling that they received an email from another human, not a business → which makes them more likely to reply. 🔥

To find out what other outreach mistakes to avoid to book more meetings and grow your business, check out this article. ⬇️


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How to book more meetings for your clients

Doing agency outreach can be challenging as your entire business depends on getting replies for your clients.

So, how do you stay ahead of competitors with your cold emails and ensure high ROI for your clients? 🤓

Let’s tear down this email from lemlister of the week, Jack, that got a 15% reply rate and booked meetings for his client.

How to write a successful cold email like Jack? 🚀

#1 Make it easily readable

→ Since the majority of his leads are reading emails on their phones, he used 1-2 sentences per paragraph to keep the text easily scannable.

#2 Get straight to the point

→ He avoided the fluff and was straight away honest about his intent and “what’s in it” for the prospect.

#3 Use a familiar tone

→ Even though his offer is serious, the email sounds like it's coming from a colleague or friend.

A tip to do this is to write your email as a text draft to one of your colleagues which will add a more friendly tone.

#4 Approachable Call To Action

→ Adding a harsh CTA would make this email a bit stiff and sales-y. That’s why he kept his closing line clear but friendly by stating his appreciation for the prospect’s time.

If you wanna get the rest of his sequence and copy the structure to get more replies, check out this post 👇

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Get tailored advice on how to improve your cold emails

Stuck on your cold email copy? You’re at the right place.

Join Becc Holland, cold email expert and Founder & CEO of Flip the Script, for a live cold emails teardown on Dec 13, 6 pm Paris time (12 pm EST). 🔥

She’ll tear down as many cold emails as she can and give you tailored advice on how to book more meetings.

You'll get:

✓ live tear-downs of real emails from lemlist family members

✓ tips on how to improve your emails to grow your business

✓ real-time answers to your email struggles

✓ a recording and recap of the session

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