How to get a 40% reply rate on follow-up emails

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  • How to get a 40% reply rate on follow-up emails
  • Boost your sender reputation with a healthy email list


Cold email teardown: Follow-up email that got a 40% reply rate

Just because your prospects didn't reply to your first cold email doesn't necessarily mean they aren't interested. They might have missed your message, been too busy, or need more information before getting back to you.

By following up with additional emails, you can keep the conversation going and learn more about your prospect!

To maximize your chances of getting a reply, check out the successful elements of this follow-up email that got a 40% reply rate! 👀

#1 Highlight their pain point

Show that you researched your prospect by mentioning and relating to their pain point. This will intrigue them to read the rest of the email and find out about the solution.

#2 Tease the solution

Use a question to make a smooth transition between the intro line and pitch. This question should intrigue prospects about how you can help them reach the desired outcome.

#3 Show what's in it for them

List benefits for prospects to give them a reason to reply to your cold email. You can do it by mentioning industry stats or customer results, which will help you build credibility.

#4 Give free value

Share free resources and actionable tips before your prospects become customers. This will show them you're being helpful rather than salesy and make them more likely to reply.

#5 Start a conversation

Instead of pushing a meeting immediately, ask a question to start a conversation. This will put less pressure on your prospects and make it easier to build relationships.

To help you set up your follow-up strategy and get replies from your prospects, we've prepared a free eBook for you!

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Boost your sender reputation with a healthy email list

Sender reputation is a score given to you based on how you send emails and how much your audience interacts with them.

By improving your sender reputation, you increase the chances of your emails landing in the inbox, reaching your audience, and getting more conversions!

To protect your sender reputation, it's important to only contact valid email addresses. Sending emails to invalid addresses increases your bounce rate or lands them in spam traps.

Here’s a 3-step checklist to keep your email list healthy:

[  ] Verify your email list using tools like Debounce or Bouncer

A verified email list improves email deliverability by sending emails to valid and active addresses. This reduces bounces and spam markings, which improves your sender reputation.

[  ] Check your email list for typos

You should ensure email addresses are entered correctly to avoid invalid emails bouncing back, prevent potential delivery issues, and improve campaign effectiveness.

[  ] Avoid buying email lists online

Buying email lists online can hurt email deliverability due to high spam complaints, bounces, and unsubscribes from people who haven't given their consent to get your emails.

P.S. Check out 4 more tips that will help you boost your sender reputation so you can reach your target audience and grow your business ⬇️


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