How to get more replies by adding LinkedIn to your outreach sequence

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  • How to write a cold email that gets high-quality backlinks
  • How to get more replies by adding LinkedIn to your outreach sequence


How to book more meetings by focusing on a specific pain point

Imagine you open an email, and you see a huge list of random services someone is offering. Even if one might solve your pain point, it will be hard to notice it between other irrelevant ones.

Focusing on the prospect’s specific pain point in a cold email shows that you:

✔️ did your research

✔️ understand their struggles

✔️ are willing to help them

... which makes them more likely to reply. 💪

Here’s how not to do it:

Why won't this cold email get replies?

→ there's a list of different activities that confuse the prospects as they won’t know what's the company's specialty

→ there’s no clear value, and the prospects might get lost searching for it

→ because there’s no precise and personalized pain point, the email seems generic and sent in bulk

Instead, follow the good practices from this example:

Why does this template work?

→ it underlines the prospect's exact pain point, which will make them relate more easily

→ it makes the value very obvious, which gives the prospect a reason to reply

→ it includes numbers as social proof, which helps build credibility

The more you show your prospects you understand their struggles, the easier it is to tease them with a solution that will bring you more replies.

To avoid 9 other cold email mistakes and book more meetings with your prospects, check out this article 👇


How to write a cold email that gets high-quality backlinks

If you want people to open and read your message, you must write cold emails that stand out. You can get more replies and grow your business by personalizing your emails and adding value for your target audience.

Here’s an example of a cold email that gets high-quality backlinks to grow website traffic.

Let’s see the good elements you can replicate in your next campaign:

What makes this template successful?

#1 personalized intro line

→ the first email sentence mentions common ground, which shows Ena did the prospect’s research

#2 prospect-centered pitch

→ the pitch is focused on helping the prospect improve the content for its audience

#3 personalized image

→ custom element with the pet sparks emotion and shows that the email was written explicitly for the prospect

If you want to get replies from your prospects, your cold emails should catch their attention and provide value. To help you get inspired and write emails that grow business, we gathered 20+ best-performing sales, marketing, and recruiting cold email templates. 🔥

Check out their structure, see why they worked, and replicate them to grow your business. For free!


How to get more replies by adding LinkedIn to your outreach sequence

Did you know that reaching out to your prospect on multiple channels increases your conversion chance?

Going multichannel allows you to connect with your prospects on the channel they prefer, such as LinkedIn, which makes it easier for them to reply.

So, how can you boost your outreach sequence results with LinkedIn? 👀

Here are 3 steps you can add to get responses from your prospects more quickly:

✅ LinkedIn profile visit

→ Prospect's profile visit increases their chances of accepting and replying to your invite. It's the perfect “soft touch” to stay in the target audience’s mind without being too intrusive.

✅ LinkedIn invite

→ Once you connect with your target audience, you can showcase your personal brand through posts which helps you break the ice and build a relationship.

✅ LinkedIn message

→ Because your prospects might be more active on LinkedIn, they will see your LinkedIn message before email and book a meeting with you faster.

Here’s an example of a LinkedIn message you can use for your next campaign:

What pushed Kevin to reply to this LinkedIn message?

→ Ramu breaks the ice by mentioning the community as the common ground

→ he shows he did the prospect's research by linking Kevin’s work and his business

→ the email brings value as it answers Kevin's question about the tool in the community

P.S. If you don’t want to spend too much time jumping between different channels and get lost in campaign tracking, all of these LinkedIn steps can be automatically integrated into your new outreach sequence 👇

Thanks to lemlist’s sales engagement plan, you can connect your LinkedIn account to your outreach sequence and boost conversions with automated multichannel steps. 🚀

Take care,

G and the team

Guillaume Moubeche
Co-Founder & CEO @lempire | Sharing outreach tips for growing business & leveraging sales AI
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