How to get replies when your prospects seem to ignore you

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How to get replies when your prospects seem to ignore you

If your prospects didn’t answer your first cold email, that doesn’t mean they aren’t interested. Maybe they’ve been busy, missed the email, or need more information before getting back to you.

That’s why it’s important to follow up, which means sending additional emails after not receiving a response to your initial cold email.

Follow-up emails can help you move the conversation forward and find out more about your prospect so you can book more meetings and sign deals.

Here’s an example of a follow-up email with a 43% reply rate. 💪

Let’s see the good elements you can use in your next campaign:

#1 Avoid fake personalization

→ To show you did the prospect's research, mention the example of the common ground (such as an exact LinkedIn post). This will make your email stand out from other generic messages.

#2 Help without asking for anything in return

→ Give value to the prospect even before they become customers. This shows you want to help rather than sell, which makes prospects more likely to reply.

#3 Make the CTA less sales-y

→ Instead of a meeting, aim for a reply. This will help you build a relationship with the prospect, which makes it easier to book a meeting later.

P.S. To help you set up a follow-up strategy and get replies from your prospects, check out this free eBook 🔥

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lempire acquires Taplio x Tweet Hunter

After building a $150m business and selling another SaaS in just 4 years, I can tell that growth always comes back to one thing: "sales.”

As a seller, you are convinced you can help your prospect solve a problem with your service or product. But to accept your help, your prospects need to trust you.

And what can increase your credibility in today's world? Your personal brand! 🔥

Prospects can check out the credibility by simply visiting your LinkedIn profile. If they see that you’re consistently getting engagement, they might think “This person knows what they’re talking about”.

Since we already addressed targeting and messaging, we needed to add an extra layer of credibility to our product offering. That’s why we acquired Taplio and Tweet Hunter - the tools that help you build and monetize your personal brand. 🎉

How can these two tools help you? What was the acquisition offer? How can lempire’s next steps boost your business growth?

Get all the answers in this article ⬇️

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