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Nov 14
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Heeeey lemlisters,

here's G, and this is your weekly email with actionable tips on how to get replies, book meetings, and grow your business! 🙌

📍 What you’ll find in today’s email:

  • 3 intro line ideas to get more replies
  • How to hide loom views for a better conversion rate
  • Free access to the best outreach resource
  • 6 tools to increase your team’s efficiency


Top sales advice for getting more replies

3 intro lines ideas to boost your reply rates

Imagine you’re a sales rep who wants to connect with a prospect. If you want to increase your replies, you should catch their attention and create a connection right from the start.

An easy way to do it? Through the first few lines of your cold email, aka icebreaker. ⛏

So, how do you build an icebreaker that will generate replies?

→ search for your prospects and their companies on LinkedIn

→ read their posts and watch interviews

Once you find relevant info about them, use these 3 methods to create your intro line.

1. Show that you share the same opinions with them

For example, Simon read an inspiring interview with the VP of Sales and used their shared opinion from the interview to build his icebreaker ⬇️

2. Compliment the company’s achievements

Here, a prospect shared a post about their latest company’s win. Since lempire is on the same growth path, Simon used the company’s news to build his intro line ⬇️

3. Relate to the company’s news

Seeing his prospect posting about hiring new SDRs was a good sign for Simon. That means that they might face challenges our tool can solve. That's why he mentioned the job post in the icebreaker ⬇️

Why do these 3 approaches work?
  • you show you did your research before reaching out
  • you underline the common ground that opens a conversation
  • you stand out with your personal approach

… which can definitely boost your reply rate!

Do you want to generate more replies with your intro lines? Here are 25+ proven icebreakers to use in your campaigns and book more meetings! 👇


Spotted in the lemlist family

How to hide loom views for higher conversion rates?

If you want to send the same personalized video to different prospects, you might want to hide the views as it will make the message feel more unique.

Here’s Nikolaos’ tip on how to do it:

Add this code at the end of your video ⬇️


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Free access to the best outreach resource

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In the past 5 years, we’ve analyzed thousands of cold emails while helping 20,000+ founders, marketers, and sales to grow their businesses with cold outreach. 99% of them are generic, self-centered, or too sales-y, so people end up stopping using cold emails…

The truth is that, with the right approach, doing outreach can bring your business to a new level. That's why we've created a complete multichannel outreach masterclass to help you book 20+ meetings per week. 🚀

Here’s the place to grab your access for $0 👇


Hot on LinkedIn

6 tools to increase your team’s efficiency

If you want to:

✔️ build a personal brand

✔️ automate processes

✔️ and get more replies

…check out this post where Lucas shared the best six Chrome extensions for sales teams! 👀

Take care,

G and the team

Guillaume Moubeche
$0 to $20M ARR in 5 years bootstrapped | I share tips on how to grow a profitable SaaS business | Founder & CEO @lempire (lemlist, lemwarm, lemcal, taplio, tweethunter)
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