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3 tips for writing effective cold email pitches 

Your prospects receive hundreds of sales messages every week. To catch their attention and get replies, your email needs to stand out and provide value in the pitch.

A pitch is the central part of your cold email that shows your prospects how you can help them solve their pain points. It helps you build a connection with them to get more replies and close deals.

But most salespeople write self-centered pitches that lead to no meetings booked, putting their business at risk.. 😰

Here are 3 tips and examples to write pitches that get replies and help you grow your business:

#1 Relate to your prospects' pain points

→ Show you understand and relate to the prospects' pain points, making your solution more relatable.

→ Mention precisely what you can do to help prospects (e.g., automate the task), which gives them a reason to reply.

→ Tease other outcomes and intrigue them to find out more, so they are motivated to book a meeting with you.

#2 Help without asking for anything in return

→ Prove that your email wasn't generic by mentioning a result they achieved or a post they shared.

→ Give free value through relatable resources to make your email helpful rather than sales-y.

→ Instead of pushing a meeting, ask for advice or feedback to sound more genuine and start a conversation.

#3 Stand out with a video pitch

→ Show you're willing to go the extra mile by including a video made specifically for your prospects.

→ Add a custom video thumbnail image to catch your prospect's attention and create a human connection.

→ Give them a reason to click on the video by briefly describing the outcome.

P.S. To build relationships with your prospects and get replies, check out these 10 sales pitch examples and open new business opportunities 🔥


5 steps to reduce email bounce rate

Your email bounce rate is the percentage of emails that couldn’t get delivered, also known as “bounced”, and should be less than 5%.

A high bounce rate = no emails delivered = no replies = no meetings booked = no sales = no business growth!

So, how do you keep your bounce rate as low as possible? Follow these 5 steps and improve your email deliverability for more replies 💪

[ ] Verify your email list before sending your emails

→ use tools like Debounce or Bouncer to verify your email list quality

→ remove all invalid email addresses from your email list

→ remove email addresses that marked your emails as spam

[ ] Remove all email addresses that show “permanent delivery failure”

[ ] Use a professional sender domain (e.g., name@lempire.co)

[ ] Use a reputable email service provider (ESP)

→ make sure it follows email deliverability best practices

→ your ESP should provide automation support & track email metrics

→ avoid ESPs that spammers often use

[ ] Optimize your email content

→ use links instead of attachments to share files

→ keep a healthy image-to-text ratio

→ add an opt-out option

→ personalize your subject line & email body

→ avoid using spam-trigger words

P.S. You can use lemlist to keep track of your bounce rates and ensure your campaigns are performing well 👇


Take care,

G and the team

Guillaume Moubeche
Co-Founder & CEO @lempire | Sharing outreach tips for growing business & leveraging sales AI
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