3 ways to build trust in your cold emails

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How to write a cold email that gets replies

If your cold email doesn’t stand out or provide value, your prospects won't reply. And no replies means no meetings booked, ending in 0 business growth opportunities.

That’s why your cold email must catch the prospect’s attention and provide value as a reason to reply.

Here’s an example of a cold email with a 44% reply rate. 💪

Let’s go through the good elements you can use in your next campaign!

#1 Give a compliment

→ genuine congratulation on the business win will prove that you are following prospects' work and understand their background

#2 Mention common ground

→ relating to the prospect's pain point will help you build rapport more easily and make your solution more relevant

#3 Make CTA less sales-y

→ instead of booking a sales meeting, the closing line suggests chatting over a coffee which sounds less formal and more inviting

#4 Add personalization

→ the personalized image will add a human touch which helps build a relationship and makes prospects more likely to reply

P.S. We gathered 20+ best-performing sales, marketing, and recruiting cold email templates to help you grow your business. You can check their structure, see why they worked, and replicate them to grow your business. For free! 👇


3 ways to build trust in your cold emails

When prospects receive a cold email, they are often skeptical and may quickly think the message is either "spammy" or "another sales-y pitch".

That's why building trust and credibility in a cold email will make the prospect take your message seriously and consider your help.

Here are 3 ways to prove you understand your prospect's struggles and are the right person to help them 👀

#1 add a pain point example

→ it will help you stand out from other emails' “fake” personalization and show you did detailed prospect research

#2 add social proof

→ mentioning the results of your customers (from the same size and industry as the prospect) makes it easier for the prospect to relate

#3 show your industry expertise

→ demonstrate that you know what you’re talking about by giving free value even before they become your customers

P.S. Get more tips for building a strong relationship with your prospects in the free How to write a cold email that gets replies guide. 🚀

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