Text Manipulation

Adjust the company's creation year by decade

Normalize the year the company was founded on given in the input and output only the decades it is in.

Input: 2011
Output: 2010s
If the input is empty output: N/A
Input: {{companyFoundedOn}}


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Your input

1. ‘1986’

2. ‘2001’

3. ‘2017’

4. ‘’


1. 1980s

2. 2000s

3. 2010s

4. N/A

How to find this variable?

The founding year of a company is often listed on the company’s official website, in the “About Us” section, or on business-oriented platforms like LinkedIn, which provide company profiles including establishment dates.

How to use it?

Utilize the decade of the company’s founding to tailor historical references or legacy mentions in marketing and outreach materials. This can resonate with audiences by highlighting longevity or modernity, depending on the context.

Use cases

Marketing Materials: Emphasize the company’s market presence and experience if founded in an earlier decade, or highlight innovation and current relevance if recently founded.

Investor Communications: Provide investors with context about the company’s age and growth trajectory, which can be crucial for investment decisions.

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