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From the number employees in the company tell me if it is a Small, Medium, Large size company.

- If "number of employees" is between 1-20 output: Small
- if "number of employees" is between 21-100, output: Medium
- if "number of employees" is between +101, output: Large
- if "number of employees" is empty, output: ""

If the variable number of employees is empty, output: ""

- "number of employees" = {{companyEmployeesOnLinkedin}}


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Your input

1. ‘15’

2. ‘45’

3. ‘150’

4. ‘’


1. Small

2. Medium

3. Large

4. ‘’

How to find this variable?

The number of employees can be found on a company’s LinkedIn profile or sourced from business databases. These platforms usually provide detailed insights into a company’s size, which is crucial for segmenting and targeting in outreach campaigns.

How to use it?

Use this classification to customize outreach messages according to the company size. Different sizes of companies might have different needs and decision-making processes, which should influence the messaging and offers in cold outreach.

Use cases

Cold Email Campaigns: Tailor your email content to address specific challenges or priorities that align with the size of the company.

Sales Pitches: Customize your pitch to highlight benefits and solutions that are particularly relevant to small, medium, or large companies.

Segmentation Strategies: Use company size as a segmentation factor in your CRM to manage outreach and follow-up activities efficiently.

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