Icebreaker from Job title

Integrate the input job title into this sentence.

- If the input is N/A, output: N/A
- I saw that a lot of [job title] have this problem
- Remove all quotation marks from the sentence

Input: {{Clean Job Title}}

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Your input

1. ‘Software Developer’

2. ‘Marketing Director’

3. ‘Chief Financial Officer’

4. ‘N/A’


1. I saw that a lot of software developers have this problem {{painpoint}}

2. I saw that a lot of marketing directors have this problem {{painpoint}}

3. I saw that a lot of chief financial officers have this problem {{painpoint}}

4. N/A

Where to find this variable?

The job title can typically be sourced from LinkedIn profiles or from a B2B lead database like lemlist. These platforms provide accurate job titles which are essential for personalized outreach efforts.

How to use it?

Use this icebreaker sentence to engage recipients in a conversation relevant to their professional challenges. This approach helps in establishing a connection by addressing specific issues that the recipient may be facing in their role.

Use cases

Cold Emails: Include this tailored sentence in the opening lines of cold emails to break the ice and start the conversation on a relatable note.

Social Selling: Utilize this sentence when reaching out via social media platforms like LinkedIn to make your message stand out and feel more personalized.

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