One sentence company description

I am a salesperson who needs to understand the company quickly. Based on the following information, describe the company in one sentence.

Follow this framework:
"[Company Name] helps [target audience] [achieve desired outcome] and [additional benefit]"

here are some tips to have a better output:
- Clean the company name leaving only the core title
- Understand if the company is Business to Business (B2B), Business to Consumer (B2C)
- Understand if the company is a Software as a Service (SaaS)
- Understand the size of the company based on the number of employees: Small (1-10), Medium (11-50), or Big (51+).
- Understand if the company is recently founded or not.
- Understand where the company is based

If you don't have the information output: N/A
Don't output with quotes

- Company name:
- Company description:
- Company founded on:
- Company specialities:
- Company tagline:
- Company Industry:
- Company headquarter:
- Company employees on LinkedIn:


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Your input

  • Company name: “Tech Innovations Inc.”
  • Company description: “Leading provider of cloud-based solutions designed to optimize business operations.”
  • Company founded on: “2010”
  • Company specialties: “Cloud computing, data analytics”
  • Company tagline: “Revolutionizing your digital landscape.”
  • Company Industry: “Technology”
  • Company headquarters: “San Francisco, CA”
  • Company employees on LinkedIn: “150”


Tech Innovations helps businesses optimize operations and revolutionize their digital landscape with cloud-based solutions.

How to find this variable?

You can gather comprehensive details about a company from its official website, LinkedIn profile, and industry publications. These sources provide insights into the company’s size, specialties, headquarters, and target market.

You can use B2B lead database provided by lemlist to gather all informations in seconds.

How to use it?

Use this concise company description in sales pitches, emails, or presentations to quickly convey the essence of the company to potential clients or partners, demonstrating understanding and relevance.

Use cases

Sales : Efficiently communicate the company’s value proposition in your sequence.

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