How devlo closed up to $50k deals with lemlist’s custom images

Charles Perret, CEO of devlo outreach agency, leveraged lemlist’s personalization at scale to boost clients’ ROI and become one of the industry’s most reliable partners.

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Meet devlo, B2B outbound experts

devlo is an outreach agency with 5+ years of experience helping companies get more leads and, ultimately, generate more revenue. devlo's strength lies in ultra-targeted lead generation and the implementation of ultra-personalized and multichannel prospecting campaigns.

We're more than just outreach consultants, we're a trusted partner who enables our clients to outsource every stage of their B2B sales prospecting to ensure their growth - devlo's CEO, Charles Perret

They are focused on helping clients get high-value customers (mostly in cybersecurity, real estate, learning and development, human resources, and sustainable development) by:

→ outsourcing every stage of their B2B sales development,
→ or training them through dedicated courses to do it themselves.

With 900+ meetings booked and 4000+ activated prospects for their clients, devlo’s success didn't come without outreach challenges.

Like many lead gen agencies, one of their main challenges is to catch prospects’ attention at scale and generate positive replies.

That's when Charles discovered lemlist - the all-in-one outreach solution that helped him to increase his clients’ ROI and scale his agency business.

Ambitious clients’ goals require creative solutions

All devlo customers need new customers to generate more revenue. Some have also just received funding and need to reach a target in terms of the number of sales demos to facilitate their next round of financing.

And it's on devlo to gain a competitive edge to book them a certain number of meetings and secure the negotiation of new contracts.

Before using lemlist, Charles was struggling to find a way to capture each prospect's attention without spending too much time on each email for each lead. He asked himself, “How can I create eye-catching and ultra-targeted emails at scale?”

That's when Charles saw a LinkedIn post by lemlist's founder, Guillaume, about personalizing emails with images in bulk.

It was such an amazing idea to differentiate our cold emails from the mass.

Catching prospects’ attention with high personalization

My favorite thing about lemlist is the image customization, the constant addition of new features like liquid syntax, inbox rotation, etc., and honestly, no other solution does better.

Charles started personalizing his clients’ emails by adding personalized images at scale. This feature allows lemlist users to add a custom image for each lead using a custom variable.

They simply have to copy the URL of pics hosted online and paste them into a dedicated column of CSV file that matches different leads.

Once Charles uploads his file in lemlist, he can insert any image by selecting the variable created in the CSV (e.g., {{Pictures}})

That's how he managed to add different images for different leads, 100% on auto-pilot!

Depending on the campaign, he would make images clickable, add personalized text or visuals such as the prospect's logo or their company's screenshot!

This level of personalization, especially at scale, helped Charles and his team to significantly increase engagement rates, as leads felt that the email had been specifically crafted for them.

I'm one of the biggest fans of custom images since it allows me to be creative and find original ways to impress the leads we prospect. Sometimes, we can communicate the value of the solution we’re promoting using the custom image. We help the prospect to picture what the product is about since a picture is worth a thousand words. But some other times, we also like to crack a joke!

To put his personalization game on an even higher level and personalize his outreach copywriting, Charles used liquid syntax.

It's like a template that helped Charles change parts of an email automatically for each person he sends his email.

For example, it can put each person's name, company, or other details in the email, making each email look like it was written just for them.

More personalized approach = More revenue

Our clients’ results and rates speak for themselves.

Here are the results of just 2 campaigns, out of 714 contacted leads, Charles’ team got:

  • 306 replies (which represents a response rate of 42%)
  • 75 positive replies (which represents an interest rate of 10%)

lemlist is helping us achieve fantastic results across all outbound campaigns. In 2023, when we combine all the campaigns we did for our clients, our average response rate is 43% - that's crazy. Almost one prospect in two responded! They say they like our approach because it's disarming, direct, and original.

This highly personalized approach has allowed Charles to find numerous customers for his clients, helping them to organize over 900+ sales demos and conclude deals worth between $10k and $250k.

It was the first effective solution to start building relationships with my prospects (and break the ice).

Because with each lemlist seat, lemlist users get free access to email warm-up and deliverability booster, devlo keeps their open rate above 75%.

This means that their carefully crafted messages reach their target audience and do not fall in the spam folder. This step is essential to maximize the number of new business opportunities at the end of the funnel.

As for the future? With these results, devlo crew is determined, like never before, to double their success and get even more sales for their clients. And their outreach tool of choice? 👇

lemlist helps us boost our customers' sales. Our clients have great solutions, but they're having trouble getting the word out: lemlist is one of our best tools for doing just that.

devlo is an outreach agency that helps B2B companies get more qualified leads through an ultra-targeted and personalized approach.
Lausanne, Switzerland
Sales Outreach Services
15 employees
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