How Hype B2B Agency simplified clients’ management with lemlist

Boris Tatarov, Co-Founder & Head of Marketing at Hype Agency, used lemlist to centralize his clients’ outreach management and get more time to close deals.

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Meet Hype, a B2B agency whose marketing converts

Hype B2B agency helps companies to have an outstanding digital presence that generates more leads and converts more prospects through 2 primary services:

→ Growth-driven design

→ Entreprise marketing

They help B2B companies engage more customers online by creating websites and marketing programs tailored to their specific B2B needs.

We believe that if you want an online presence that is differentiating and effective simultaneously, you must find the best balance between creativity, technology, and analytics. That’s why, in all our projects, we involve designers, strategists, marketers, technologists, and developers. - Boris Tatarov, Co-Founder & Head of Marketing at Hype Agency

Their in-house team of certified professionals has been exclusively experienced in B2B campaigns since 2016.

After thousands of A/B tests and millions in ad spend, they developed FastTrack™ – the ultimate B2B lead generation framework tested and proven to work every single time.

However, generating MQLs, booking calls, and generating revenue for their clients wouldn’t be possible without a trusted outreach partner along the way.

Lack of outreach solutions built for agencies

Hype Agency aims to nurture leads generated from LinkedIn ads and provide their clients with booked meetings and new business opportunities.

Every month, we generate 600 - 700 inbound leads via LinkedIn Ads for our clients. They operate in the enterprise sector, and because of that, the sales cycle is significantly longer. The leads need multiple touchpoints before they convert to booked calls and opportunities.

Before lemlist, the Hype crew struggled to follow up on multiple channels for multiple clients, as doing it manually could easily turn into a mess.

→ It would take too long to manually craft, send, and track messages on different platforms.
→ It could increase the likelihood of errors, such as sending duplicates or failing to follow up.
→ It would slow down response time as jumping between different channels to reply is time-consuming
→ It would be hard to gain insightful data to plan next steps without a centralized reporting interface
→ It would block scaling as the manual work can quickly get unmanageable, limiting the ability to expand effectively

We started to use LinkedIn/email automation a year ago as a part of our nurturing flow (as opposed to cold outbound). Unfortunately, we had to go through all the other tools (we-connect, expand, MeetAlfred, LinkedIn Helper, etc.) before discovering lemlist.

Not to mention testing out all enterprise solutions that weren’t built for agencies without centralized management and lack of support that could easily put their business at stake.

They all felt like an unfinished and unreliable product. Sometimes, an email for person A was sent to person B, which is totally unacceptable. Managing multiple profiles was a nightmare; we had to log out and log in manually to each profile. The UI was horrible; the customer support was lame and not helpful at all.

Then Boris hear on LinkedIn about lemlist, a tool created based on the feedback of 20K+ community and agency clients.

Centralized management of clients’ automated multichannel campaigns

lemlist allows us to set up everything extremely fast and easily duplicate flows across accounts. Our clients’ SDRs can precisely see the leads’ activity so they can better prioritize their outreach efforts.

By managing and accessing each client account in lemlist’s interface, Boris doesn’t have to constantly log in and out. He can segment clients into teams and assign campaigns to each from one convenient spot.

Since many clients can’t commit long-term, he had freedom of choice on how to bill them - monthly, quarterly, or annually. Once he picks the plan that suits each client the most, he can access a clear billing overview and its management from a single spot.

To protect clients’ privacy with report-only access, he uses “External” users with a passwordless login, which grants clients access to their campaign reports, user settings, and email provider settings - but no other data.

Plus, lemlist’s admin roles remain free if those users don't connect their email providers. This helps agencies like Hype save money while still having control over all clients’ accounts.

Once he sets up his agency account for success, he can automate LinkedIn steps that are usually performed manually in the native LinkedIn app!

That’s where lemlist comes to help. Every lead we generate from the ads is automatically enrolled into the appropriate multichannel nurturing flow that consists of LinkedIn engagements, messages, and emails.

In his campaigns, Boris could add:

→ LinkedIn profile visits to increase the chances of prospects accepting his connection request
→ LinkedIn invites to expose his personal brand and get in touch more easily
→ LinkedIn messages to remind them of his message and stay on the top of their mind

Aside from LinkedIn steps, lemlist users can automate emails and calls, connect APIs, and add reminders to perform manual tasks that get leads' attention (such as commenting on their LinkedIn posts).

Less agency management friction = More time for successful campaigns

Ultimately, lemlist allows us to quickly implement multichannel nurturing flows that significantly reduce the sales cycle, help us convert leads to opportunities, and drive pipeline revenue faster.

This efficient way of managing different accounts left no room for errors and sped up Hype’s administrative processes.

Thanks to lemlist, they have more time to create outreach campaigns that stand out and get more clients for their customers and themselves!

There are many unique great functionalities like database search, profile enrichment, and conditional flows, all game changers. In addition to that, they have amazing customer support and a whole community around the app.

For example, just in this campaign, they secured a 75% open rate (thanks to lemwarm), an 8.33% reply rate, and a 6.25% interest rate!

Their LinkedIn campaigns resulted in up to 77% accepted LinkedIn invitations and up to 27% reply rates!

In the future, Boris is highly motivated to keep up the excellent results and find their clients even more growth opportunities! And their outreach software of choice? 👇

Now that I have the basis to can compare, I can say that lemlist is far superior to each app we've tried before. Everything just works exactly as it's supposed to.

Hype B2B agency creates company branding that generates and converts leads through growth-driven design and enterprise marketing.
Sofia, Bulgaria
Digital Marketing Services
16 employees
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