Top signals to identify potential buyers and increase sales

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15 sales targeting tactics to boost conversions

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Not every lead is a qualified lead. In this playbook, discover top sales targeting tactics that will help you identify the prospects most likely to buy your products/services and boost your efficiency.
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What you’ll find in the playbook

Why you shouldn’t send campaigns to everyone
Learn the importance of identifying your target audience and increase your efficiency.
The best opportunities to reach out to your prospects
Get 15 scenarios where your leads are likely to respond positively to your outreach.
Lead identification tools to save hours of manual work
Discover which tools can help you automate the detection of buyer signals and eliminate manual work.
Step-by-step lead identification guides
Get the exact steps on how to recognize each buyer's signal and never miss growth opportunities.
Segment your prospects for the multichannel outreach
Divide your prospects efficiently and put the most effort into the most profitable ones.
Example of a multichannel sequence with a 16% reply rate
Get an easy-to-replicate multichannel sequence that will help you engage with identified leads.
Access to Multichannel Outreach masterclass
Get free access to the 6-hour course on how to book more meetings with prospects.

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