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Why It Works

This campaign leverages the shared experience of attending an event to establish a connection with the lead. By offering event replays and detailed notes, the sender provides immediate value, appealing to the lead's interest in the event's content. The follow-up emails continue to deliver value, with personalized takeaways and an invitation to discuss specific pain points. This approach not only demonstrates the sender's expertise and willingness to help but also subtly introduces their product or service. The final emails pivot to seeking feedback and offering further insights, which can lead to a deeper engagement and potential sales opportunity.

Learning from this Campaign

The campaign teaches the importance of using shared experiences to build rapport and trust. Providing valuable resources related to a common interest (like event replays or notes) can be an effective way to initiate a conversation. The gradual shift from offering value to seeking feedback and discussing specific pain points allows for a natural progression towards a sales conversation. This strategy also highlights the effectiveness of combining direct value provision with subtle product introduction.

When to Use It

This strategy is particularly effective for businesses that can provide insights or solutions related to the topics covered in industry events. It's ideal for post-event follow-up, especially when the business's offerings align with the event's themes or the challenges faced by the attendees.

Who Can Use It

This approach is suitable for B2B companies, consultants, and service providers who can offer valuable insights or solutions related to the event's content. It's also beneficial for businesses looking to establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry by providing valuable resources and engaging in meaningful discussions with potential clients.

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Kévin Moënne-Loccoz
Head of Product, Design & Ops @lemlist
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