How Provoke Agency centralized lead generation with lemlist's lead database

Richard Mechlay, the owner of Provoke agency, used lemlist to find, contact, and convert his clients’ leads on multiple channels and scale his agency.

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Meet Provoke, a B2B lead generation agency

Customers don't buy “the best” products; they buy the ones they understand. Provoke Agency is a B2B lead generation agency that helps clients simplify their complicated concepts into clear messaging so they can make more sales.

They craft hyper-personalized and targeted outreach campaigns using the StoryBrand methodology to book meetings and open new business opportunities.

We leverage our customers' stories to drive meetings and revenue. We aim to fill calendars with booked meetings, aiding business growth with effective, efficient strategies.” - Richard Mechaly, Owner of Provoke Agency

But, like many other lead generation agencies, their outreach success didn't come without challenges along the way.

To find customers who would buy their clients’ products/services, they needed a reliable outreach partner to help them source qualified prospects and automate outreach.

How to find and contact highly qualified leads at a scale

If Richard wanted to grow their clients’ businesses with cold outreach, he had to

  1. Find highly relevant leads interested in buying clients’ products/services
  2. Approach them in a hyper-personalized way on their preferred channels
  3. Adjust his outreach steps based on leads' interaction with his campaign

Before lemlist, finding, contacting, and converting ideal buyers meant

  • wasting money on multiple 3-rd party tools,
  • spending hours personalizing each lead's message,
  • losing time jumping between different outreach channels.

We were getting a lot of irrelevant prospects from Sales Navigator search results.

Plus, Richard would have to manually check how his leads responded on each channel so he could follow up most efficiently.

Finding, contacting, and converting leads in 1 platform

Luckily, Richard learned about lemlist - an all-in-one outreach tool that would centralize, personalize, and automate his lead gen process while getting more deals for his clients.

To start, he would use lemlist's B2B lead database of 450M+ prospects and filter his search by targeted criteria such as role, location, seniority, etc.

We started playing around with the B2B lead database feature, which worked tremendously for us since we were getting a lot of irrelevant prospects from Sales Navigator search results.

‍This helped him to target people who fit his clients, eliminating 3rd party tools, manual tasks, complex setups, or incorrect information.

Once he had his list of qualified and verified leads, it was time to reach out to them.

Richard built automated multichannel sequences to scale his business and boost client ROI.

He could have chosen different channels that would be automatically synced across the same outreach campaign.

Because he would connect with his leads on the channels they prefer, and based on their availability, he would show his willingness to go the extra mile and generate positive replies more easily.

Besides email follow-up, he could automate LinkedIn steps that are usually performed manually in the native LinkedIn app:

  • LinkedIn profile visits; to increase the chances of prospects accepting his connection request
  • LinkedIn invites; to expose his personal brand and get in touch more easily
  • LinkedIn messages; to remind them of his message and stay on the top of their mind

Aside from messages, lemlist users can add cold call steps, reminders to perform manual tasks (such as commenting on LinkedIn posts), or connect API to set up their unique processes.

He added Advanced conditions - steps that will automatically change outreach campaign flow based on the provided criteria.

Advanced conditions are a total game changer, and they have definitely upped our game with our client’s expectations of our agency.

By adding triggers such as “lead clicked on a link”, lemlist users can automate the next step based on whether the criteria were met.

For example, if a lead clicks on a link, Provoke's client will automatically send them an email related to the linked content. If not - they can send an email that pushes clicking on the link or whatever content she provides.

The feature I love the most within the conditions is the one that allows me to send leads (sourced from the lemlist database) from one campaign to another based on the condition.

Advanced conditions that are automatically adjusted to each lead's activities stimulate human-like steps to:

  • Avoid repetitive & non-valuable tasks like manually checking whether a lead has accepted a LinkedIn invitation
  • Unlock complex outbound scenarios used by the world's best growth teams without switching between 3rd party apps
  • Send multichannel campaigns on autopilot and connect with prospects faster than ever before!

Shorter outreach process = More time to close deals

With lemlist's conditioned multichannel sequences, Provoke Agency booked 20+ meetings within the first 6 weeks for one of the clients.

His hyper-personalized process that worked on auto-pilot secured him campaigns with:

→ 7%+ reply rate

→ 6%+ interest rate

They signed deals with clients such as Ford, Ernst & Young, and ServiceNow.

What sets lemlist apart from competitors is its customer support - the best by far.

As for the future? With these results, the Provoke crew is determined to sign even more deals for their clients and scale their agency. And their outreach tool of choice? 👇

Once you understand the value behind lemlist’s arsenal, you realize how they all work perfectly in sync and can’t go back.
Provoke Agency is a B2B lead generation agency that helps clients craft hyper-personalized, targeted outreach campaigns that open new business opportunities.
Montreal, Quebec
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