How Scalability got 3x ARR in 2023 with lemlist’s multichannel sequences

Victor Alexandrian, Co-Founder & COO of Scalability, used lemlist to reach out to his customers on multiple channels and increase the likelihood of positive replies.

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Qualified sales meetings booked
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Meet Scalability, a trusted outreach agency

Scalability is an outreach agency that books qualified sales meetings for its customers to help them make sales and increase revenue.

They provide data, copywriting, and sales ops integration to automate clients’ outreach process and help them get better outreach results while doing less.

Our mission at scalability is to help our clients grow by bringing them top sales strategies so that they can make 10x value and scale to the moon. - Victor Alexandrian, Co-Founder & COO at Scalability

From database generation to booking meetings, their service generates hundreds of qualified client appointments monthly.

We're trusted by over 100 startup and scale-up companies, such as Pennylane in France, in the US, and Smunch in Germany… Globally, we operate in more than 7 countries.

But, like many other outreach agencies, their success didn’t come without challenges along the way.

To send over 2M+ successful cold emails, they had to have a reliable outreach partner that would automate their outbound process.

How to reach out on multiple channels without wasting hours on manual work

If we wanted to get high-value customers for our clients and scale our agency, we knew he had to go multichannel.

While basic campaigns rely on a single outreach method, the multichannel approach uses a combination of channels such as email, LinkedIn, phone calls, etc. For example, some leads might be more active or prefer to reply on LinkedIn than email and vice versa.

Because he would connect with his leads on the channels they prefer and based on their availability, going multi-channel would increase his chances of a positive response.

But, manually reaching out and following up on multiple channels for multiple clients could easily become a mess.

→ It would take too long to manually craft, send, and track messages on different platforms.
→ It could increase the likelihood of errors, such as sending duplicates or failing to follow up.
→ It would slow down response time as jumping between different channels to reply is time-consuming
→ It would be hard to gain insightful data to plan the next steps without a centralized reporting interface
→ It would block scaling as the manual work can quickly get unmanageable, limiting the ability to expand effectively

Luckily, Victor saw a lot of helpful outreach content on LinkedIn posted by Guillaume, CEO of the lemlist outreach tool, and his team.

Since the lemlist crew posted so much valuable content, I thought they might have a solution to speed up our team’s multichannel efficiency.

Automated multi-channel outreach steps

The golden rule of cold email outreach: following up on multiple channels = more replies.

To scale his business and boost ROI for his clients, Victor started building automated multichannel sequences with lemlist, an all-in-one outreach tool.

He could have chosen different channels that would be automatically synced across the same outreach campaign.

Besides email follow-up, now he could automate LinkedIn steps that are usually performed manually in the native LinkedIn app:

  • LinkedIn profile visits; to increase the chances of prospects accepting your connection request
  • LinkedIn invites; to expose your personal brand and get in touch more easily
  • LinkedIn messages; to remind them of your message and stay on the top of their mind

He also added cold calls via integration to his sequence, which boosted his chances of building rapport directly with his clients’ prospects.

Besides messages and calls, lemlist users can add reminders to perform manual tasks that get leads attention (such as commenting on their LinkedIn posts) or connect API to set up their unique process.

Meeting leads on their terms = More chances for growth

Thanks to lemlist outreach, we were able to land deals with companies such as Pennylane, Playplay, LeWagon, Oneflow, etc.

Reaching out to their target audience with lemlist’s multichannel sequences not only saved Scalability days of manual work but also brought

→ 7%+ reply rates

→ 3x ARR in 2023

→ 3k+ qualified sales meetings booked for his clients!

lemlist has really been a game changer for our outreach business. It helped us launch over 2M deliverable emails that booked over 3k client meetings!

As for the future? With these results, Scalability is on a mission to double their success and get even more customers for their clients. And their outreach tool of choice? 👇

After last year's crazy results, we have even more ambitious plans for 2024. And just as before, we’re counting on lemlist’s current (and upcoming!) features to make our outreach job 10x easier.

Scalability is an outreach agency that books qualified sales meetings for its customers to help them make more money while doing less outreach.
Paris, France
Sales Outreach Agency
50-100 employees
20 employees

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