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37, 284 users generated $11,864,100
with lemlist in the last 30 days
Our stats are great, the tool is super easy to use and makes prospecting 1000 times more responsive.
Xavière Lehning
Business Developer
lemlist is your cold email batmobile. Personalization, automation, deliverability... everything you need to get more replies is there.
Nick Dunse
Chief Revenue Officer
Implementing all the tips lemlist provides, I’ve been able to sign 5-6 deals. Each deal is around 15,000-30,000$.
Austin Homolka
Founding Partner
We had massive success using lemlist to grow our sales pipeline. When you work with a good company, and they help you become more successful, I can just highly recommend them.
Gabriel Frasconi
Vice President EA
lemlist is so simple to use, easy to connect with your CRM, and the automation features will save you a lot of time. We booked more meetings using lemlist compared to other tools we used in the past.
Alla Zeitoun
Global Strategic AE
If you’re serious about cold email and personalization, lemlist answers all of your burning questions.
Lachlan Fea
I'm a big advocate of relevant and value-oriented campaigns that are personalized for each prospect... and lemlist is my tool for the job.
Andrei Zinkevich
I could get in touch with the right people quickly, and that one smart custom tag made a big difference, while my deliverability was at a very high level.
Alan Silvestri
Founder & CEO
Personalization is key, and lemlist empowers us with many features to allow a more human and fun email campaign.
Paul Munos
Co-Founder & COO

Send multi-channel campaigns from multiple email addresses and LinkedIn profiles and increase conversions.