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Why it works

This campaign is effective because it offers a high-value proposition to entrepreneurs: the chance to share their story on a blog with 15,000 unique monthly visitors. The offer is made even more attractive by the promise of backlinks, which can improve SEO and drive traffic to the entrepreneur's own site. The follow-up email adds a sense of urgency and provides additional context, such as the time typically required to answer the interview questions and an example article for reference.

When to use it

Use this campaign when you're looking to feature entrepreneurs on your blog, particularly if your blog has a sizable audience. The campaign is designed to make it as easy as possible for the entrepreneur to say yes, by highlighting the benefits and minimizing the required effort.

Who can use it

This campaign is suitable for blog owners, content creators, or marketing professionals who are looking to feature guest posts or interviews on their platform. It's designed to initiate conversations and build relationships, leading to guest posts and potential long-term collaborations.

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