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Cold Email Template to reach out attendees from events you're participating

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Why it Works

This campaign taps into a common pain point: the difficulty of accessing event replays and key takeaways. By offering a solution—recordings and Notion notes—the sender immediately provides value to the recipient. This positions the sender as a helpful resource, increasing the likelihood of engagement.

Learning about this Campaign

The campaign is designed to offer immediate value by providing event replays and summarized notes. It's a soft approach to engagement, focusing on giving before asking for anything in return. This sets the stage for a more meaningful conversation down the line, particularly around the event's subject matter and how the sender can offer further assistance.

When to Use It

This campaign is ideal for post-event follow-up with attendees or interested parties who couldn't attend. It's a way to keep the conversation going and to offer additional resources that can help solve the recipient's problems or answer their questions.

Who Can Use It

Anyone who attends industry events and wants to maintain or establish connections can use this campaign. It's particularly useful for professionals in sales, marketing, or consulting roles where building and nurturing relationships is key.

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