Growing FB communities

Ilya's strategy behind building the biggest ever community on Facebook for people using LinkedIn to grow their business.

The challenge

Ilya is one of the well-known influencers on LinkedIn. His objective with this campaign was grow his Facebook community called LinkedIn Growth Hackers. With that said, one of the most crowded spaces on the internet right now are Facebook groups. So Ilya faced a challenge to differentiate his and find a better way to boost membership metrics.

His solution... 👇

cold email hub by lemlist

Why it worked?

1. Connect on LinkedIn first

The first step is to connect with people on LinkedIn and have them engage on his LinkedIn posts. He manages to accomplish that through lemlist's integration with Phantombuster.

2. Personalization to the maximum

Afterward, he sends them a personalized group invite via cold email. This way, people immediately recognize him. By adding personalized variables like prospect's first name, company name, and logo, along with a clear value prop, he increases click rates and membership requests.


"I've been running this campaign for different audience profiles to grow my community and the metrics keep looking good..."

people joining
open rate
click rate

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You want to know two big reasons why cold email campaigns fail? Bad email deliverability on one hand, and poor audience targeting on the other.

Send follow-ups

One of the best ways to get more replies is to send smart follow-up emails. How do you make these? Like this.


The goal of a cold email  is to get a reply. To grab people's attention and capture their interest. You can achieve that by making emails about them and building relationships.

Split testing

There's no way to know if one email or subject line works better than the other if you don't test it first. Use our A/B testing feature to make date-driven decisions.

How to make your cold emails perform better?

Our email outreach strategy rests on four pillars - targeting, personalization, follow-ups and A/B testing. Each one is equally important and your reply rate depends on it.

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