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Cold Emailing
How to leverage social proof in a cold email (Cold email teardown)
Join Sacha as he shows you how to leverage social proof to craft engaging cold emails for e-commerce customer service managers.
Lilibeth Acuna
December 14, 2023
Cold Emailing
How to sell software development services with cold outreach (Cold Email Teardown)
Dive into how Tristan, Co-founder of Stepward, crafts effective cold emails for CTOs and CIOs to pitch software development services.
Lilibeth Acuna
December 7, 2023
Cold Emailing
How to land deals with creative agencies [Cold email teardown]
Check out how Bill, CEO of SalesCaptain, crafts effective cold emails that drive successful collaborations with creative agencies!
Lilibeth Acuna
November 30, 2023
Cold Emailing
Cold email tips to sell your SEO and PR services [Cold Email Teardown]
Discover Matas' strategies for crafting cold emails that help you pitch your SEO and PR services to health, wellness, and fitness brands.
Lilibeth Acuna
November 23, 2023
Cold Emailing
How to Get Competitors’ Clients with Cold Outreach (Cold Email Teardown)
Discover cold emailing tips from Charles, the CEO of Devlo, for crafting a unique pitch to win over and attract your competitors' clients.
Lilibeth Acuna
November 9, 2023
Cold Emailing
How to book discovery calls to sell marketing services [Cold Email Teardown]
Want to perfect your marketing pitch and book discovery calls? Explore how Sacha, CEO of Growth Room, writes cold emails that engage e-commerce leads.
Lilibeth Acuna
November 1, 2023
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I’ve learned a lot and I think I know their blog articles better than my favourite books 😂
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Because of all the content and value you guys share, lemlist is more than a tool, #lemlistismyuniversity!
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I can confirm that everything listed works and has proven to be true! I have at least 15% email conversion rate!
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