Identify leads

Estimation of the lead's age

From the input of years of experience give me the most probable range of age from the following ages:
- 18-20
- 20-25
- 25-30
- 30-35
- 35-40
- 40-50
- 50-65
- N/A

Year of experience = {{yearsOfExperience}}
If you don't have the date put : N/A

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Your input

1. ‘2’

2. ‘8’

3. ‘22’

4. ‘’


1. 20-25

2. 25-30

3. 50-65

4. N/A

How to find this variable?

The years of experience can often be inferred from a professional’s LinkedIn profile, which lists their work history. This data is crucial for estimating the age range for targeted communication.

How to use it?

Use the estimated age range to tailor your outreach messages or offers, making them more relevant to the life stage and professional challenges of the lead. This customization can improve engagement and response rates.

Use cases

Marketing Personalization: Adjust marketing messages to reflect the interests and needs of different age groups based on their professional experience.

Sales Targeting: Develop sales strategies that resonate with specific age demographics, enhancing the effectiveness of pitches.

Audience Segmentation: Segment your audience based on probable age ranges to deliver more targeted advertising and content.

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