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How to find & recruit top talents with cold outreach

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What you’ll find in the playbook

How to identify the best candidates and hidden talent pools
Receive free templates and tools to find candidates who best fit the roles you're looking to fill.
Strategies and tools to find your candidates' emails
Get candidates' valid emails without 3rd party tools and ensure your messages get through.
The structure of a cold email template that gets replies
See how you craft cold emails, follow-ups, and multi-channel sequences that stand out in candidates’ inboxes.
How to avoid the spam folder forever
Discover what sends your emails to the spam folder and avoid potential deliverability issues.
Access 120+ best-performing cold outreach templates
Access top-performing cold emails and multi-channel templates used by 37,000+ lemlist experts.
A complete strategy for finding & closing top talents
Get a step-by-step guide to finding, contacting and hiring your ideal candidates in 1 place.

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