How myBrightside got 175+ meetings booked in 2 months with lemlist

Robbie McGregor, Managing director at myBrightside, used lemlist to personalize and automate clients’ multichannel outreach without hiring extra staff.

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Meet myBrightside, a team of B2B lead generation pros

myBrightside is a B2B lead generation agency that books qualified sales meetings with their clients’ ideal customers through a hyper-targeted approach.

They use multi-touch B2B outbound campaigns to save their clients’ time and effort and deliver leads while they can focus on what they're good at.

“We offer a unique human-driven lead generation process. We save you time and energy in finding qualified sales opportunities and ultimately book quality sales meetings into your diary.”

But, booking 1000s of appointments for their clients didn't come without outreach challenges on the way.

To sign new customers, they had to find new, easily measurable channels to increase their chances of getting a reply without hiring extra staff.

How to successfully reach out on more channels without extra resources

If myBrightside team wanted more replies, they had to follow up with clients’ leads on multiple channels in hyper-targeted ways.

But, doing custom multichannel outreach manually would mean:

  • wasting time switching between channels
  • increased likelihood of errors, such as sending duplicates or failing to follow up
  • slowed down response time
  • no centralized insightful data to plan the next steps
  • too much effort personalizing each outreach step

That's why Robbie, Managing Director at myBrightside, decided to try lemlist, an all-in-one outreach tool.

Automated multichannel outreach in a hyper-personalized way

Before lemlist, Robbie and his team struggled to reach large audiences on multiple channels without wasting time or sounding generic.

With lemlist, he could have chosen different channels that would be automatically synced across the same outreach campaign.

Besides email follow-up, now he could automate LinkedIn steps that are usually performed manually in the native LinkedIn app:

  • LinkedIn profile visits; to increase the chances of prospects accepting your connection request
  • LinkedIn invites; to expose your personal brand and get in touch more easily
  • LinkedIn messages; to remind them of your message and stay on the top of their mind
  • LinkedIn voice messages; to stand out in prospects’ inboxes and connect more personally

"Brightside offered us a way to leverage our own internal origination team to get more leads for them to close without having to hire more heads." - myBrigthside CMO client at Asset Finance

In addition to messages, lemlist users can add cold call steps and reminders to perform manual tasks (such as commenting on LinkedIn posts) or connect API to set up unique processes.

Once they set up the multichannel approach, he could have used lemlist's custom variables to adjust each part of emails to different leads on autopilot, including:

→ text variables

No matter how many emails they send, lemlist users can automatically personalize any part of their message (e.g., intro line, pitch, CTA) to grab leads' attention and build trust.

→ image variables

Anyone can stand out with personalized images by automatically adding leads' names, logos, website screenshots, etc.

→ video variables

Gayle was able to give value to his prospects on a more personal level and grab their attention with custom video thumbnails

→ website variables

lemlist users can build personalized landing pages just for each lead where they can embed booking calendars and include assets or CTA

They used a multi-touch method with some awesome personalization. Every approach was unique, and they even had a dashboard showing the results which added to my CRM." - myBrightside client James, Founder @ Sound Media

More personalization on more channels, with less efforts

"I engaged myBrightside to reach out to the top supermarkets through their multi-touch method. Through their method, they got my test units into 8 trials. At Asda, M&S, and Tescos, to name a few. This helped me secure conversations about rolling out my smart dispenser nationwide and securing funding to take my business to the next stage." - myBrightside client Marc W., COO @ Smartfill

With lemlist's automated hyper-targeted multichannel approach, myBrightside got their clients impressive outreach results, such as

  • 16%+ Reply rate
  • 175+ Meetings booked
  • $750k+ Generated revenue

And sign up deals with customers such as:

"They booked me so many meetings I had to switch them off. I didn't even have time to run my podcast.” - James, Founder @ Sound Media
myBrightside generates B2B sales opportunities for its clients via mix of human interaction, social activity, intent data and social, email and telephone outreach.
Bristol, UK
Sales Agency Outreach
11-50 employees

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