Business collaboration email template

A cold emailing template you can use to approach businesses and see whether there’s an opportunity to create a partnership or potential integration with their tool.


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Cold email template

Explain best-use scenario in 2-3 sentences
Explain best-use scenario in 2-3 sentences
Explain best-use scenario in 2-3 sentences

Collaboration email template

Why did it work?

1. Respect your future partner

Since you might end up working with this person or company, our suggestion is to avoid fake compliments. Go the extra mile and replace the "personalization" tag with a meaningful sentence that’s tailored to your prospect.

2.  Avoid information overload

No need to overwhelm your prospects with long cold emails. Instead, explain why you’re reaching out, what your company is up to and touch their pulse. See if they’re interested in the first place. Then take it from there...

3. Help them visualize the opportunity

Our final advice is to include some kind of a proof. Now whether that’s an image of your data, a Social Media post showing people’s interest or something else, that’s your choice. The objective is to don’t just tell them about the opportunity, but to show them why it’s huge.

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