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Email marketing has an ROI of $42 for every $1 spent. But this works only if you’re reaching out to the right email addresses.

So how can you ensure your message reaches your leads?

You can go through outdated databases or social media accounts and hope for the best. Or you can use the lemlist email finder tool for free.
How to use lemlist’s email finder tool
There are more ways to find someone’s email address for free, but we’ll show you the easiest one.

First, go to lemlist email finder. There, input your lead’s company and first and last name. Then, click on Find email address.
lemlist will find the lead’s valid email address for you.
Your set of leads ready for outreach
If you’re searching for new leads on LinkedIn, you can paste their profile and lemlist will find their valid email address for you.

Alternatively, you can use lemlist and find email addresses in bulk for free by uploading a .CSV file. Before uploading, ensure the file contains your leads’ job title and company.
The importance of valid email addresses
Finding out your prospect’s email addresses is essential for your outreach strategy.

Here’s how sending email to invalid or risky email addresses impacts your email outreach:
•  Wasted resources. Send emails to invalid addresses wastes server resources, time, and money that you spend on your campaigns.
•  Damaged sender reputation. Sending emails to invalid addresses results in a high bounce rate, leading to deliverability issues. You can even get blacklisted be email service providers or ISP for continual bouncing.
•  Unreliable metrics: invalid emails will throw off any metric about your campaign. Without accurate data, you can’t decide the next step of your email strategy.

When building your email list, focus on quality, not quantity.
To get more valid emails, you can take advantage of lemlist’s AI-powered B2B database of 450+ million contacts. Put together your next email campaign list as you filter by name, location, job title, word in their LinkedIn profile, and much more.
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Find more leads in ourB2B database with 450M+ contacts.

Discover valid email addresses for any contact directly in lemlistand scale your outreach without the need for an entire operations team.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I search for emails using the free leads Email Finder?

You can search for emails by entering the names, companies, or domains into the tool. For bulk searches, you can input up to 50 names or domains at a time, and the tool will provide you with a list of corresponding email addresses.

Is there a limit to how many emails I can find for free?

Yes, there is a limit to ensure quality and manage resources. You can find up to 50 email addresses per bulk search, with a maximum of 100 leads per day. This allows you to gather a substantial number of contacts while keeping the service free.

How accurate are the email addresses provided by this free tool?

The tool strives to provide the most accurate email addresses by using current databases and algorithms.

However, as with any automated service, it's recommended to verify the emails, especially when conducting bulk searches, to ensure the highest accuracy for your outreach efforts.

Find leads with verified emails, write and personalize at scale,
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