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Top sales advice for getting more replies

3 sales targeting tactics to boost your replies

Not getting replies from your Ideal Customer Profile? Maybe you’re reaching out to your target audience at the wrong time.

To get customers through cold outreach, you need to know exactly who’s your buyer persona and when they’re most likely to talk to you and buy your product/service.

So, when it’s the best time to reach out to your prospects?

Here are 3 sales targeting opportunities that you can use to book more meetings with your prospects:

#1 Prospects' companies are hiring

Keep an eye on your ICP company's structural changes, as their growth can indicate a need for your solution.

For example, we pay attention to growing sales teams since our tool helps increase revenue with outbound. A growing sales team indicates that they need more efficient solutions to scale and achieve their targets, which is an opportunity for our SDRs to help them out.

An easy way to track these changes?

→ use the “Department headcount growth” filter in LinkedIn Sales Navigator 👇

#2 Prospects changed roles

When someone starts a new role, they might look to introduce new tools or services to increase performance in their first 90 days.

This is your opportunity to reach out to the newbie, explore their pain points, and offer help.

There are 2 ways you can track these changes:

→ set post notifications on the prospect's LinkedIn profile

→ add them to the Sales Navigator list and activate changes notifications 👇

#3 Prospects' companies raised funds

If a company raised funds, that often means they’re planning to grow fast and have some money to spend.

That’s a green light for you as your solution can help them reach their end goal (and they have the budget for it).

Here are 3 ways to track your prospect’s fundraising activities:

→ follow their company on LinkedIn and turn on Sales Navigator’s notifications

→ use Google advanced search by typing: “site:nameofthesite ROUND”

→ use Crunchbase to identify leads that have raised funds recently 👇

Access this Sales Targeting Tactics eBook for free to make sure you reach out to the right prospects at the right moment 👀

You'll get:

✓ why you shouldn’t send cold emails to anyone

✓ 15 best opportunities to reach out to your prospects

✓ how to segment your prospects for the multichannel outreach

➕ example of a multichannel sequence with a 16% reply rate!


Tools we’ve been loving lately

Best email databases to get your leads’ information

By reaching out to the right people, you can open new business opportunities and ultimately generate more business revenue.

But, before sending out your campaigns, you have to find your prospects' email addresses and make sure that they are correct.

So, how do you find contact emails for your next outreach campaign? You can use email databases!

Here are our top 3 email database recommendations that can help you build, grow, and manage your leads list.

1. UpLead

Why try it?

  • ideal for B2B businesses, especially if you want to sell your product or service to prospects in tech
  • intuitive interface with flagged contacts that are potentially not up-to-date so you don’t waste your credits
  • real-time email verification ensures you are always connecting with real, qualified leads

2. LeadFuze

Why try it?

  • extensive search filtering helps you book meetings with a very niche audience
  • uses third-party data partners and in-house crawling to aggregate, match, and verify real-time info
  • they have a cool feature called FuzeBot, which can be set on autopilot and drip new contacts into your CRM

3. D7 Lead Finder

Why try it?

  • ideal if you want to open new sales opportunities with small businesses
  • you can sort the results by any column, and export them in CSV, Excel, PDF, or Print format
  • good value for the price with an easy-to-use interface

P.S. Check out this article to get other methods of finding prospects’ email addresses and boost your reply chances 👇


Spotted in the lemlist community

Find verified emails of your prospects for free

To get your emails delivered to your prospect’s inbox, you need to make sure you contact verified email addresses.

Not checking if an email is valid before sending it exposes you to all kinds of email deliverability troubles. 😰

Low email deliverability = No emails in your prospect’s inbox = No replies = No growth opportunities

To find verified emails address fast and for free, check out this post where Lucas shared his free, step-by-step process via Google Sheets ⬇️

Take care,

G and the team

Guillaume Moubeche
Co-Founder & CEO @lempire | Sharing outreach tips for growing business & leveraging sales AI
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