How IREV secured a 26+% reply rate while cutting down on manual sales tasks

Deborah Strougo, Business Growth Manager at IREV, used lemlist to spend less time finding, contacting, and converting leads while boosting reply rates.

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Meet IREV, a SaaS platform for successful partnership marketing management

IREV is a SaaS platform for tracking and managing affiliate programs, digital marketing, and partnerships. It enables efficient program launches, campaign optimizations, and enhanced operations for improved user experiences.

At IREV, we are passionate about building software that solves business problems. We partner with Advertisers, Publishers, and Networks to transform the way they interact, use technology, and work with data. - Deborah Strougo, Business Growth Manager at IREV

To increase customers’ productivity, optimize processes, and see results in ROI instantly, they offer 2 platforms:

  • Partner Program: All-in-one platform to streamline affiliate management operations by tracking partners' performance, analyzing KPIs, optimizing campaigns, and more.
  • Lead Distribution: Manage thousands of sources and provide advertisers with exclusive leads through IREV's powerful lead rotation system

But before increasing their clients’ CR by 30% and reducing rejected traffic by 20%, first they had to enhance their brand visibility with cold outreach to sign them.

How to find, contact, and convert leads at scale

We aim to actively engage with prospects, fostering relationships that will lead to their conversion into loyal clients and subsequently drive the growth of their ROI.

To open new business opportunities with cold emails, Deborah had to

  1. send them to valid email addresses to ensure they reach her target audience
  2. A/B test email content to find what works the best and double down on success
  3. boost booked meetings rate to increase opening new business opportunities

Before lemlist, getting leads’ up-to-date data and enriching them would usually mean navigating through multiple third-party tools, hiring technical profiles, and spending hours on additional email verification.

And when she finally found her leads’ data, she would have to manually test her emails, which led to human-biased decisions, limited scalability, and less efficient interaction.

Finally, all meeting scheduling tools on the market were either pricey or offered limited personalized experience for leads.

Saving hours of manual outreach work with an all-in-one outreach solution

To find the right outreach contacts without the technical skills or losing hours of manual work, Deborah used lemlist’s Email Finder and Verifier.

Thanks to the waterfall enrichment method, Email Finder and Verifier combine the best third-party data sources to give 40-55% more valid emails. This is the equivalent of asking six different providers for up-to-date lead information without navigating and subscribing to multiple apps.

For each lead, the lemlist would

  • Clean leads’ first name and last name
  • Extract and save relevant available information from the lead's LinkedIn profile
  • Retain the best email we found from multiple providers
  • If available, save additional information such as phone number, civility, job title, and other relevant details

Then, with lemlist’s A/B testing options, Deborah and her team could A/B test outreach sequence steps or an entire sequence at scale!

lemlist's A/B testing capabilities and analytics are invaluable, allowing us to tailor our strategies effectively to what resonates best with our audience.

After creating her campaign, the lemlist could either duplicate an entire sequence into version B (ready to insert changes) or she could have start version B of the sequence from scratch (depending on how significant the change is).

We also use integration with lemcal tool to streamline scheduling calls with prospects!

Finally, to boost her meeting booking rate and increase attendance, she could have created unique booking pages with lemcal!

Linking lemcal to her sending accounts allows her leads to book slots directly in his calendar without friction.

Maximizing efficiency

With these comprehensive features, lemlist proves to be a full-service company, catering to all our marketing and sales needs in a multifaceted way.

The combination of lemlist’s Email Finder and Verifier, automated A/B testing, and lemcal integration, Deborah secured Irev:

  • 64% open rate
  • 26+% reply rate
  • 77+% accepted LinkedIn invites

It's clear that the automation provided by lemlist has been invaluable, saving us countless hours. This efficiency gain has allowed us to devote more time to customizing our approach and making data-driven decisions, significantly enhancing our overall strategy.

As for the future, Deborah and Irev's team will continue using cold outreach to acquire new customers and boost their ROI. And their outbound partner of choice?

We chose lemlist for its unparalleled integration of email and LinkedIn outreach. Its user-friendly interface makes navigation effortless, boosting our efficiency. Exceptional support swiftly addresses any concerns, ensuring smooth operations.
IREV is a SaaS platform for tracking and managing affiliate programs, digital marketing, and partnerships.
Limassol, Cyprus
70+ employees

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