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"I'm a big advocate of relevant and value-oriented webinar invitations that are personalized for each prospect... and lemlist is my tool for the job."

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The fact that it has great deliverability, and barely any emails get bounced back. Also, it automatically replies to your previous email in a sequence. Prospecting is automated and I literally only have to press "send" to automate 100 emails being sent out, love it!

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Event invitation email

Going to host an event and invite tons of people to attend? Doesn’t matter either it’s a business conference or a webinar - this guide is for you. 

Below we are going to discuss how to create a perfect email invitation and how to send it to grab the attention. 

Types of events:

  • Seminars
  • Webinars
  • Conferences
  • Trade shows
  • Workshops
  • Trainings

How to create an invitation email

Every event differs depending on the type and format but they all have some common features such as information on when, where it will take place, and how to attend it (talking about whether it’s paid, free, invitation-only, or can be accessed only by registering).

Here is what should be included in your invitation:

  1. Date (when the event takes place)
  2. Location (where the event takes place)
  3. Time and duration (at what time the event starts and ends)
  4. Schedule (if applicable)
  5. How to attend the event (pricing or other information)

Now let’s talk about the other elements of your emails.

Subject lines for email invitations 

You heard this a thousand times, but still, your invitation event invitation subject line should be catchy to make your reader want to open your email. For this, we suggest personalizing it with the recipient’s name, city, and add month or year if this information is important. 

Remember, you do not have lots of attempts and better to think about your email title in advance or use some examples that are proven to work.

Not sure what subject line will work better? A/B test different options to see what title brings more opens and clicks.

Here are the best event email subject lines that you can use:

  • The [event name] is back!
  • Announcing [event name]!
  • Join us at [event name]!
  • Let’s meet at [event name]!
  • [event name] us coming to [city]!
  • Get ready for [event name]!
  • Don’t miss out [event name]!
  • [company name] is hosting [event name]!

Your invitation call-to-action (CTA)

Here is one more super important thing that is a prompt for your receiver to take the desired action.

As always, if you want it to be good it should stick to this rule:

  • Use clear CTA (like “Register here” or “Buy tickets")
  • Make your CTA visible (You can highlight it with the color or add a button)

Personalization tactics

The next task is to write an attention-grabbing email. There are a few ways in which you can personalize event invitation emails.

  • leverage custom text and liquid syntax
  • use personalized images that update dynamically
  • add dynamic landing pages to your outreach funnel

Personalized images will take your invitation emails to the next level. Website screenshots, company logos, custom video thumbnails, you can let your creativeness go above and beyond to write the perfect email for event.

Here's an example of a personalized video thumbnail through which you can deliver a personal invitation yourself. Just adjust it for your invitation and that's all.

Finally, dynamic landing pages are a perfect weapon to utilize when your objective is to drive event registrations.

They enable you to create custom landing pages without the coding part, and then embed things like videos, chat, Eventbrite, Typeform and many more.

Here's how our looked back in the day.

Closing your event invitation

The last important component of an event invitation email is your call-to-action. How you close your email will in most cases define whether the campaign will be a success or not.

For starters, you want to make sure the event itself is compelling enough and will bring value to the person. We all know it's easier to sell "sexier" products.

In the email itself, you should aim to have a clean and simple call-to-action. Depending on how your event funnel looks like, whether people need to RSVP, buy a ticket or join a waitlist, you should make adequate modifications.

As an example, let's take you have registration link as your call-to-action. People will not register just because there's a conference and you've invited them. But they will register if you have a personalized hook.

Will your conference host a keynote that solves an important pain point in the industry? Do you have a speaker coming that this person follows? There are plenty of ways in which you can customize call-to-action individually, to increase chances of getting that registration.

Of course, you can divide your audience in segments or use custom text to personalize individually, that's up to you.

Finally, you tell us, what CTA option sounds better to you?

  • We have great speakers lined up (X, Y, Z, etc). Make sure to register in time - link.
  • "firstName", I know you're a fan of X. X will deliver an amazing keynote... trust me, I've seen his plan. Tap here to register if you're game.

Option B, right? Keep these closing lines unique and you'll see the difference. ;)

Event invitation email campaign checklist

Before you press send, here's a quick game plan to get more event registrations.

  • Perform an in-depth research of your audience
  • Check your email deliverability status and validate all emails in your list
  • Write an intriguing subject line that will set the right expectation
  • Use personalized images & dynamic tags to get more replies
  • Write a compelling, frictionless call-to-action
  • Leverage lemlist's powerful sending algorithm to land in the primary tab
  • Set up follow-up emails
  • Press send ;)