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Tobias Biberbach

How to get a job fast by sending cold emails?

If you’ve ever tried to look for a new company where you want to work, you know that it’s not easy. 

Plus, applying for a job online is highly competitive sometimes. Meaning, it works if you beat your competition, but you're all entering the same door!

We want to present you an alternative strategy, one that requires a bit of research and entering in throw a different door, if you know what we mean

Be proactive! Send personalized cold emails to hiring managers or a company, but make sure to avoid being generic and really show why you deserve to be by their side. You can leverage the same tactic to reach out to a startup, even before they’ve posted a job to begin with.

And so, today we’ll cover how to email a recruiter with cool templates and strategies, so you can find your dream job!

Tips on how to write an email for a job

  1. Ask your friend to recommend and refer you

The best way to reach out to anyone is via a direct intro. Someone knows you and knows the company or works there? There's your window of opportunity. If that someone makes an introduction for you, it highly increases your chances of getting in.

So, before you start reaching out to potential employers, do a quick research and see if your friends or connections can help you out. There's no thing like a good-old referral.

Important! if you have someone who recommended you to reach out to a company, mention that person in the first few lines of your email.

  1. Personalize emails for job applications

Sending an average email that recruiters get every day is, well, not the best way to get the job done. In the world of "email overload" creativity and originality win the race and grab people's attention. 

Creativity + originality = sending a personalized, tailor-made email.

Before sending a single message to a recruiter, we strongly recommend to do your homework and proper research that follows. Things like:

  • How many years the company is on the market
  • Their recent achievements
  • Try to figure out what they want to do next, struggles, challenges, etc

The better you do the research, the easier it will be for you to write the perfect job application email.

  1. Be short and clear when you’re emailing a resume

Remember, everyone is busy nowadays, including the hiring managers. They have a lot of candidates applying every day. Your best bet is to keep your message sharp and on point. It shouldn't be too short, but it's not supposed to be too long either. 

How to write an email for a job?

Sometimes, you don't have to apply for an existing job advertisement to start working at a company. What's stopping you from taking a proactive approach and "create" your own opportunity.

But how do we make that happen?

Actually, lemlist's first hire played this tactic beautifully. He did his research, identified lemlist as his potential next career stop and decided to cold email a founder of a cold email tool.

After a few months of freelancing, this person joined full-time as Head of Growth. His name is Vuk.

Why did it work?

In his research, Vuk realized that the three co-founders and him were thinking alike when it comes to marketing, as well as have similar visions on where the company should aim at. And that's critical. You want to be working at a place where there are mutual understanding and operational alignment. Once everything was in its place, Vuk wrote an email, sent it and the rest is history.

The privileges of this approach are that you're the one who is in the driver's seat and are able to pick a team you'd like to work in. Plus, there's low-to-none competition as there's no job post live yet. But this depends on your industry and type of the company you wanna work at.

Subject lines for cold emails for a job

A few subject line ideas for your next job application email.

  • Name <> {{CompanyName}}
  • {{job}}? 
  • Love {{CompanyName}} team! 
  • Job opportunity at {{CompanyName}}

How to personalize cold emails when looking for a job?

As we said, the key point in achieving success when emailing recruiters and employers is personalization. But how does true personalization look like? 

It means that every single part of the email body should feel unique and human. 

For example, you should always start with “Hi {{firstName}}” so hiring managers will see their own name. Plus, this has an impact on your open rate too. ;)

The first 5-10 seconds after people open your email are critical.

Try to personalize the first few lines of your email with maybe a fun fact about the company, reference to a friend who recommended you or congratulate them on some achievements. But write genuine, meaningful intros because generic and fake flattery won't work.

Besides the text part, what can really level up your job inquiry emails are personalized images in cold emails. lemlist automatically customizes images in a way they catche the eyes of hiring managers.

And the final point is … personalized videos! 

Yes, only a few send videos when trying to get a job, but this is what really matters. And nobody sends personalized videos in their cold emails for job on scale. 

G shared a great guide on how to find a job with personalized videos.

How to build a process to cold email for a job

  • Find hiring manager’s email address 

To send a good cold email, you need to know the email address of a hiring manager. It’s not a good idea to send messages to general addresses, like since non-relevant people can get your email and skip it. Always try to find direct emails of recruiters or people who are in charge of hiring. And here is an extensive list of email finders (both free and paid).

  • Verify email addresses

It’s super important to send cold emails for jobs to valid email addresses. In case you send messages to invalid addresses, Google (or other email providers) will label you as a spammer and will lower your deliverability.

Here's a guide on how to verify tons of emails on scale for free and deliverability checklist to avoid spam folders

  • Send follow up emails 

Not everyone reads an email as soon as they get it. People are people, they forget about it, lose it, suddenly skip it, etc. What you can do is - send smart follow-ups to remind them about your application. It’ll increase your chances to be noticed.

Here is the guide on how to send follow-up emails

Mistakes to avoid while writing
and sending job application emails

Choosing a boring subject line
Try to intrigue the recruiter or founder, but also to set the right expectation so that whenever somebody opens the email, they know what to expect. And you can know who's interested on the flip side.
Writing too long and generic email
Don't copy/paste generic job application email templates because they don't work. You'll waste time in vain. Also, don't overwhelm recruiters with unnecessary information until they express interest in what you are offering.
Not being specific enough
The objective is not to share every piece of information about you. Quite the contrary, you want to present key information that can show why you are a good fit for this company.
Sending just one email to a recruiter
People sometimes forget to reply to your email. It's not that they are not interested, but they've forgot or were too busy at that moment in time. Sending relevant follow-up emails guarantees you more replies.
Not tracking of opens and click
It's very important to keep record of how your emails works and how recruiters react. If you have some exact people that you want to reach with your email - you need to understand if they actually saw your email. And if they haven't opened any of your emails - maybe try other channels to reach them.

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