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Personalization in your SEO cold email outreach

Cold email personalization in SEO outreach is so much more than just adding names, articles, or company blog links. If you want to squeeze the maximum from it you need to make prior research. 

For example, you can check if the blogger you want to reach out to has linked to other blogs previously. For this, you will need to check other articles quickly and see if there are any outcoming links. If yes, then your chances to be featured look more optimistic.

You can also use personalization to drive attention to your pitch. For this, you can use personalized images like website screenshots or company logos.

Want to build the relationship from the very beginning? 

Consider adding photos of yourself with personalized text. People tend to answer someone they know and this will help you to establish the trust even with the first cold email.

There are a few ways in which you can personalize your cold emails.

  • leverage custom text and liquid syntax
  • use personalized images that update dynamically
  • add dynamic landing pages to your outreach funnel

In practice, custom text works this way: you will have your sentences written in the .csv file and simply use tags to place them within the cold email.

On top of that, features like liquid and spin syntax allow you to leverage text personalization in more advanced ways. For example, if you want to automatically change call-to-actions for different emails, you will use liquid syntax and have different closing lines for each audience segment. On the other hand, spin syntax can help you randomly play with, for example, different greetings to make your cold emails tiny bit more different.

Personalized images will take your cold emails to the next level. Article screenshots, company logos, custom video thumbnails, you can let your creativeness go above and beyond to write the perfect link building email.

Typical link building email mistakes

Unclear about the next step
When you reach out to bloggers for a backlink it's super important for you to be sharp and clear with your call-to-action and offer one or two links for them to choose. If you give your prospect too many choices or haven't explained clearly what do you expect them to do, you will lose those leads for good.
Sending too many emails per day
It's not about how many emails you send. It's about how many replies you get and how many prospects you can close in the later stages. Plus, there's not a single reason on the planet why you should hurry and send hundreds of emails in a day. Not only the odds are against you, but you will suffocate your email reputation down this road.
Not testing enough
When you're not sure about what's the best approach to cold email a certain audience, always A/B test. Don't waste time debating subjective opinions and let the market be the judge.
Letting your email deliverability drop
You can have the best cold email and top people in your team, but if your target audience don't see the email to begin with, you're not going to win. Having your emails land in the primary tab and not in promotion or spam folders is extremely important. Always keep email deliverability in good check, don't send spammy emails, personalize and set up all technical details in the right way.
Not sending follow-ups
People sometimes forget to reply to your email. It's not that they are not interested, but they've forgot or were too busy at that moment in time. Sending relevant follow-up emails guarantees you more replies.

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