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"I have taken my SEO Outreach to a completely new level and it's so much helpful too. You can literally see what links were clicked on, auto follow-up, features are really powerful and interesting."

Rohin Dua

"Overall a great tool, automates a lot of our SDR tasks. The Facebook community is a great additional resource for tips and tricks, and to connect with other lemlisters.“

Jimmy Jigmo

"Have had a very great experience with their customer support as well. This is a real cold email software of the 21st century."

Diana Rist

"I've been very impressed with lemlist and the team behind it. It's an excellent tool that just keeps getting better and better."

Peter Chaly

"It does everything needed for cold emails, and doesn't try to be everything to everyone. Instead of finding a "jack of all trades" tool, lemlist has been my "master of cold email" tool."

Brent Randall

"Constantly trying to improve the software based on customer feedback! They also have helped with thinking "outside the box" on grabbing the attention of people you email with their image templates."

Josh Bernthold

"lemlist is easy to use, feature-rich and comes with a great customer support."

Raul d'Ablaing

"It's very simple to use. It has an easily understandable UI. You can add dynamic text to any images that give you an opportunity to use personalised images."

Volkan Ozyilmaz

"It was a better market-fit for my business needs and direction."

Caleb Cook

What is a networking email?

Networking email is an email you send to build professional relationships and nurture existing connections.

When you're networking, there's one thing you need to always keep in mind - creating win-win situations. To quote the legendary quote, with a little twist... ask not what they can do for you, but what you can give them first.

The strategy itself will depend on whether you know the person you're emailing and your objective.

In order to create the “perfect” networking email, you need to figure out what is that you're trying to achieve and then identify what does the other side want? Networking email can be a lot of things, from exchanging backlinks, getting on a podcast, inviting podcast guests, attracting speakers to your event, etc.

How to write a networking email?

Let's break this section down to how you'll open your networking email, what will be in the middle and how to end it.

Your opening line does many things. First, it breaks the ice and sets the tone for the rest of the email. It also excites your audience and it's one of the factors based on which they will decide whether or not to read the rest of the email.

Writing a networking email and its opening line to someone you know will require a different approach compared to sending it to people you don't know.

Plus, you need to be aware of the fact that your intro line will be the thing prospects see next to the subject line in the inbox. In other words, it has an important effect on your open rate too.

This is why it's critical that you invest enough time to make a unique intro line and set yourself miles in front of your competition.

Figuring out how to write a good networking email will largely depend on your intro line selection. This can be a genuine compliment or something recent from your prospect's day-to-day. On the other hand, you might decide to connect based on a common ground and empathize with their position.

For example, Vuk, lemlist's Head of Growth, developed the Tiramisu cold email strategy through which he delivers unique intro line to each prospect.

The strategy consists of writing truly unique sentences and adding them in your .csv file, as a separate column called "Tiramisu". Then, instead of writing a sentence in your email template, you would just add "Tiramisu" text tag in its place.

Vuk leveraged this strategy to get Guillaume featured on many different podcasts, but also to invite guests like Aaron Ross, Rand Fishkin, Tim Soulo and many more to lemlist webinars.

If you want to learn how to write a networking email that gets responses, the next email component that you need to optimize is the middle section... or your pitch.

There are a few ways in which you can personalize a networking email.

  • leverage custom text and liquid syntax
  • use personalized images that update dynamically
  • add dynamic landing pages to your outreach funnel

In practice, custom text works in the exact same way as the Tiramisu strategy we explained earlier. You will have your sentences written in the .csv file and simply use tags to place them within the cold email.

On top of that, features like liquid and spin syntax allow you to leverage text personalization in more advanced ways. For example, if you want to automatically change call-to-actions for different audience verticals, you will use liquid syntax and have different closing lines for each audience segment. On the other hand, spin syntax can help you randomly play with, for example, different greetings to make your networking emails tiny bit more different.

Personalized images will take your networking emails to the next level. Website screenshots, company logos, custom video thumbnails, you can let your creativeness go above and beyond to write the perfect cold email.

Finally, dynamic landing pages are a perfect weapon to utilize when your objective is to book a call with someone to discuss potential partnership or collaboration.

They enable you to create custom landing pages without the coding part, and then embed things like videos, chat, Calendly, Typeform and much more.

How to end the networking email?

Before clicking send, the last important component of your networking email is its call-to-action. How you close your email will in most cases define whether the campaign will be a success or not.

For starters, focus on selling the next step. Make sure that everything leading to your closing line is pushing towards that outcome.

Next, you should aim to have a clean and simple call-to-action in your networking email. Want to hop on a call? Offer your prospect a frictionless way to schedule a slot in your calendar. Need them to visit a link before booking? Give them one, instead of multiple options to go to.

For example, what CTA option is more likely to make you reply?

  • What do you think?
  • Reply "yes" to let me know you're game.

Option B, right? Keep it sharp, my friend. ;)

Subject line for networking email

Another important component that directly influences the success of your open rate is your networking email subject line.

The subject line serves two purposes. First, it sets the expectation. In other words, prospects anticipate what they will see in the rest of the email based on the subject line.

Secondly, it needs to intrigue them enough to open your email. That's why it's critical to be on point and think about networking email subject lines as hooks.

If you need ideas, there's an article on our blog that will show you 56 high-performing cold email subject lines, that you can borrow and adapt to your needs.

There's one more thing that's quite important.

If you see an open rate that's below 50%, this is a problem. The first thing you want to check is your deliverability. In most cases, people didn't have a chance to see your email, therefore couldn't open it.

The subject line and target audience analysis come after you're 100% sure your deliverability is flying at a high level.

Finally, if you can't decide between two or more subject lines, we recommend you to A/B test it. Let the market decide which one works better.

The best email subject lines for networking emails:

  • Exclusive invite "firstName"
  • Interview invite
  • I've got a story for you
  • Invitation for "firstName"
  • Love your work "firstName"
  • Closed group for marketers
  • Invite-only [community]... wanna join?
  • LinkedIn connection
  • Liked your post on LinkedIn
  • Fan of your LinkedIn

How to send networking emails?

Here's a quick game plan to follow before you send your next networking campaign:

  • Perform an in-depth research of your audience

51% of work with every networking campaign is your research. In other words, how well do you know the audience you're about to talk to and selecting the right angle to approach them.

  • Check your email deliverability status and validate all emails in your list

There's no point in creating the perfect networking email if your prospects never see it. That's why it's crucial to assess your email reputation and deliverability, along with validating every single email in that list of yours.

  • Write an intriguing subject line that will set the right expectation

We've already talked about it, so you're ready to write the perfect subject lines for your networking email campaigns.

  • Open your cold email with a unique intro line for every prospect

The objective is to stand out from your competitors and start building a connection with the prospect from the first sentence they see. Never let that out of sight.

  • Use personalized images & dynamic tags to get more replies

Simply said, there's no better way to grab people's attention and "hook" them than this.

  • Write a compelling, frictionless call-to-action

Don't make your prospects think too much about what's the next step nor overwhelm them with too many choices.

  • Leverage lemlist's powerful sending algorithm to land in the primary tab

Networking emails are not newsletters. They require a good technical setup, proper tool to send them and high email deliverability so that you rest assured you will avoid spam filters.

  • Set up follow-up emails

More follow-ups, more replies. More replies, more opportunities.

  • Press send ;)

Typical networking outreach mistakes

Biggest networking cold email mistake
The goal of networking email outreach is not to seal the deal. The real ambition is to get a reply and build relationships, so that you can sell later. Always remember then when you go into full networking mode, your email sounds exactly like that generic one you hate receiving.
Unclear about the next step
Prospects expect simplicity and for you to navigate them to the promise land. Therefore, it's super important for you to be sharp and clear with your call-to-action, offer one or two links, and eliminate friction. If you give your prospect too many choices or don't explain clearly what do you expect them to do, you won't win.
Sending too many emails per day
It's not about how many networking emails you send. It's about how many replies you get and how many prospects you can close in the later stages. Plus, there's not a single reason on the planet why you should hurry and send hundreds of emails in a day. Not only the odds are against you, but you will suffocate your email reputation down this road.
Not testing enough
When you're not sure about what's the best approach to cold email a certain audience, always A/B test. Don't waste time debating subjective opinions and let the market be the judge.
Letting your email deliverability drop
You can have the best cold email and top people in your team, but if your prospects don't see the email to begin with, you're not going to win. Having your networking emails land in the primary tab and not in promotion or spam folders is extremely important. Always keep email deliverability in good check, don't send spammy emails, personalize and set up all technical details in the right way.
Not sending follow-ups
People sometimes forget to reply to your email. It's not that they are not interested, but they've forgot or were too busy at that moment in time. Sending relevant networking follow-up emails guarantees you more replies.

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