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Sales follow up email

Sales performance is easy to measure month over month. It's exactly the same situation with your sales follow up email.

The good old "just checking-in" and "did you see my first I'm email" can only take you so far.

In today's competitive space where our inboxes are awake 24/7, we need to be more create and more client-oriented in our follow up emails as well.

Before we start talking about email templates, let's first understand what's the best way to write a follow up email, to begin with.

How to write a follow up sales email?

Writing a good follow up is easier as you already have a context to stick to. There are lots of different strategies and techniques, so depending on what happened before (maybe you visited a conference and want to follow up after it, or maybe you already had a call and need to send some information) your follow-up will differ.

Still stuck in the first stage because your first email didn’t get a reply? Not a problem. Here's how you can write a good follow up email that will not only grant you a response, but will continue to perform in the long run too. There are two factors we need to consider here:

  • How long to wait before a follow-up email
  • What to add to your email

Sales follow up timeline

Every campaign is different, so there's no one-size-fits-all timeline that will perfectly adapt to your situation. In other words, it's important to test the behavior of your audience and the performance of your follow ups.

But, if you need a plan you can use to begin cold emailing, may we suggest the following:

  • 2-day delay between email 1 and 2
  • 2-day delay between email 2 and 3 
  • 3-day delay between email 3 and 4

As previously noted, this should serve just as your starting point. During your tests, you will start noticing patterns and the metrics will tell you how different follow ups perform, whether you're annoying people and where do you need to focus on nexts.

An interesting experiment would be to A/B test two campaigns that only differ in the delay between follow ups. That way, you can interpret data and it will tell you what's the status.

Sales follow up email subject lines

If you decide to send a follow up as a separate email, you will inevitably need a new subject line. Remember, in lemlist, if you keep your follow up subject line empty, we will keep sending your subsequent messages under the same thread.

But if you want to go a different route, just write a new subject line and you're golden. Need inspiration? Here are a few examples of interesting subject lines you can use for various cases:

  • As promised, the info about [xyz]
  • As we discussed on the call
  • Continuing our discussion
  • Following our conversation
  • As agreed, sending you [xyz]

On the other hand, when you don't receive a response from your potential client, the subject lines we just showed you will not get the job done.

With that said, allows us to give you some more "specialized" examples.

  • "firstName", did you get a chance to see the email I've sent you earlier?
  • I was trying to contact you before
  • I forgot to mention [xyz]
  • Here's how "competitor" is gaining crucial advantage
  • You will love this "firstName"
  • Let's cut to the chase
  • No "firstName" no party

Sales follow up statistics

There are a few research files that agree that many potential customers say “No” at least four times before they give you an affirmative answer. With that said, the question that's probably bouncing in your head is how many follow ups do you send? 

The reality is that a solid amount of sales professionals never follow up, which in turn decreases their chances to seal those deals. The underlying fact is that following up will bring you closer to the finish line. You won't always win, but in most cases you'll know whether you have a real chance of closing that prospect or not.

So it’s about time to talk about the importance of following up, discuss the latest trends with sales follow up emails, and check the best follow up examples.

  • 50% of sales happen after the 5th contact // source
  • 44% of salespeople don't go beyond one follow up
  • The average sales rep makes 2 attempts to reach a prospect // source
  • 60% of customers say no four times before saying yes // source

Best follow-up sales strategies

  • Don't annoy your prospects

Don't just send follow ups to send follow ups. Trust us when we say that this is an exremely bad idea. Instead, try to bring more value to your prospects and don't waste their time in vain. Sharp, yet creative is the mindset.

  • Keep your conversation open and build trust

Every relationship is based on trust, as well as you and your prospect respecting one another. So keep an open mind and ask yourself... how can they win so that I win too.

  • Send all follow-up emails under the same thread

For one simple reason. Your prospects can easily switch between emails and there's little friction while doing it.

  • Become a master of A/B tests

Don't know what subject line works best? A/B test. Not sure if different time schedules perform better? A/B test. Link it or ask a question in your call-to-action? A/B test it. Whenever you have doubts, this is the best way to let the market tell you what they prefer and help you understand what works best.

  • Automate the follow-up process

For this, it's best to read the next chapter. :)

How to automate the sales follow up process?

When you have internal operations "processized", things move along at a more efficient pace and results tend to be better. This includes follow ups.

The rule is simple. The more follow-ups you send, the more sales opportunities you get.

With that in mind, your priority number one is to think about how to make this process smoother for your company.

First things first, picking the right cold email tool. Although we are a bit biased when suggesting lemlist, you want your tool to be able to automate your sales sequences and offer you a set of pretty standard options, which most tools do actually.

These are:

  • Set up all your follow ups in advance
  • Track opens, clicks and replies
  • Set up proper time delays between your follow up
  • A/B test option to assess best schedules, call-to-actions, subject lines, etc.

A bonus feature is the ability of your cold email tool to maximize deliverability. Neither your first emails nor follow ups should go to spam. That's game over.

Therefore, make sure to assess whether or not you have:

  • Option to set up a custom tracking domain
  • Proper sending algorithm that sends emails one after the other, and not as a blast
  • Warm up your email domain prior hitting the send button (unique lemlist feature)

It's precisely email deliverability why we're biased and recommend you to send your sales follow up emails using lemlist.

No funny business there. ;)

Sales follow up best practices

There are a few ways in which you can personalize your follow-up emails.

  • leverage custom text and liquid syntax
  • use personalized images that update dynamically
  • add dynamic landing pages to your outreach funnel

In practice, custom text works in way where you add unique sentences on individual basis.. You will have your sentences written in the .csv file and simply use tags to place them within the cold email.

On top of that, features like liquid and spin syntax allow you to leverage text personalization in more advanced ways. For example, if you want to automatically change call-to-actions for different audience verticals, you will use liquid syntax and have different closing lines for each audience segment. On the other hand, spin syntax can help you randomly play with, for example, different greetings to make your cold emails tiny bit more different.

Personalized images will take your follow-up emails to the next level. Website screenshots, company logos, custom video thumbnails, you can let your creativeness go above and beyond to write the perfect cold email.

Finally, dynamic landing pages are a perfect weapon to utilize when your objective is to book more sales meetings.

They enable you to create custom landing pages without the coding part, and then embed things like videos, chat, Calendly, Typeform and much more.

How long should I wait to send a second sales email if no one responds?

It depends on the situation. There are no exact rules here.

Sometimes, it can take a week for all decision-makers to review it and approve the next steps. In those conditions, it won't be a quick process for sure.

In this case, you shouldn’t be too pushy and it’s better to wait for at least a week to send the follow up.

On the other hand, a follow up can be sent within 1 or 2 days.

For example, if you send a proposal to meet for a coffee during the week. This prompts you to follow up quickly due to your date suggestion.

Sales follow up mistakes

Biggest sales follow up mistake ever
Going in guns blazing, trying to sell at all costs. The goal of cold email outreach is not to seal the deal. The real ambition is to get a reply and get on a call with your prospect, so that you can sell later. Always remember then when you go into full sales mode, you sound exactly like a typical salesperson who gets forgotten immediately.
Unclear about the next step
Prospects expect simplicity and for you to navigate them to the promise land. Therefore, it's super important for you to be sharp and clear with your follow-up call-to-action. If you give your prospect too many choices or haven't explained clearly what do you expect them to do, you will lose those leads for good.
Not testing enough
When you're not sure about what's the best approach to cold email a certain audience, always A/B test. Don't waste time debating subjective opinions and let the market be the judge.
Letting your email deliverability drop
You can have the best cold email and top salespeople in your team, but if your prospects don't see the email to begin with, you're not going to win. Having your emails and follow-ups land in the primary tab and not in promotion or spam folders is extremely important. Always keep email deliverability in good check, don't send spammy emails, personalize and set up all technical details in the right way.

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